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Query Log Viewer

The Query Log Viewer allows you to analyze the log data of the scopeArchiv Query web server. Using this information your will gain a detailed insight on how users are searching your archive catalog.

The tool with more than 30 key figures helps you answer the following questions:
  • Do my customers use mostly the full text search or the field search?
  • Do my customers use the advanced full text search?
  • How popular is the descriptor search?
  • What fields are mostly used in the field search?
  • What are the most used search phrases or words?
  • How many searches are conducted?
  • Do the users use the ability to filter on archival type or description level?
  • and many more...

The Query Log Viewer is the ideal supplement to the usual web server log analysis tools. Unlike the web analysis tools, the Query Log Viewer is able to answer questions the normal tools cannot. And best of all, scopeArchiv Query is logging the required data for a long time, so you can get productive with the Query Log Viewer right away.

The Query Log Viewer is distributed with a setup and is installed on the local computer. You will use your normal username/password to connect to the database and start analyzing.

The following screenshots give an impression of the performance of the software.

Demo Version

Download a demo version of the software. The demo version is valid for 30 days, but limited to 1000 log entries.