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Pluralsight removes offline viewing without any notice

by Joerg Lang | Okt 27, 2011

2 months ago I bought a yearly subscription from Pluralsight. The reason I bought the yearly subscription was, that I would be able to download the material while offline. Mainly on trains, or on weekends when we are away and not at home and not having a internet connection.

Yesterday I received a mail with the info that their web site was remade and whoops, by the way, we removed the offline viewing.

Well to be precise, there is still an offline viewing but only for mobile apps. But who needs to that? Who would be so sick to view a 3 hour course on a IPhone? When having a tablet, the situation may be better, but how are you going through the example code on a tablet? Yes, correct you can't. So an important use case - going through the samples after having watched a course - is not possible anymore. Except you have tablet in one hand, and a laptop on the other. Is that user friendly?

The other thing that bothers me is trust. I trusted this company when making the subscription and agreeing on the contract. And the "contract" stated that I would be able to take content offline and watch it on my laptop or any other device. And now this trust is gone. I feel tricked.

Not really a good move for a company that will need to rely on their customers to renew their subscription.

So be careful when making a subscription with that company. They might change their offering without any prior notice and with big disadvantages for you.

As a first reaction I demanded back a refund that the company offered. So I'm going to be curious how fast I get my money back.

The content Pluralsight offers is very good. But removing the offline viewing capabilities makes their offer much less attractive and I am not sure that I will go and renew my subscription in 10 months from now.