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A joke: Nokia's Lumia 800 missing tethering feature (Internetfreigabe)

by Joerg Lang | Mrz 26, 2012

I just recently bought a Nokia Lumia 800. It really is a cool thing and I would be really happy with it, if there was not this one thing: It's missing tethering, or the hotspot functionality whatever you want to call it.

First I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. Here I am, buying one of the newest phones out there with one of the newest operating systems and it is not able to do, what my 4 year old Windows 6.5 could do. And did I mention, it's not a cheap, low end phone.

For me it was simply clear that such functionality is included, so I did not even ask. Well it seems that should have asked and if I had, I would have chosen another phone. For me as a developer who is traveling quite a bit, it is essential that I can connect to the internet in the train, in the hotel or wherever I am. But now I can't and have to buy another phone, or just reactivate my old one.

The other thing that set's me up is the fact, that since October or November 2011 you can read in the Internet, that this functionality will be supplied with an update. Now we have almost April and such an update is nowhere to be seen.

When talking to Nokia support last week and asking for a release date, the lady could not say anything. She said that this functionality will be either done by an update, or with an app.

For me this reads: We don't know what were doing. We know that we have a problem, but we still cannot tell if it will be an update or an app. Hello Nokia: Do you read the sarcasm?

Today I searched the internet again for some news and found an article from the 20th of March 2012 where obviously a Nokia manager stated that this feature will be activated soon. (

So what means soon? Still for the recap: Nokia says this already for almost half a year and still Nokia cannot give a release date? Is this good communication? Does this kind of communication help the customers? Does this kind of communication help to regain confidence in the market?

When you look at this situation it does not seem, that Nokia is competing with Apple, Samsung or the other ones. This information politics is not really helping in customer satisfaction.