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  • Leistungsverzeichnis Baselland

    The online catalogue of services is a specialist application which enables information on the services provided by the cantonal administration to be recorded in a standardised form and published in a manner appropriate to the addressees.

    In the public part of the online application the services can be queried, searched and branched to the respective resources.

    • Backend: .NET Core, REST Services
    • Frontend: Angular 7
    • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Online Access – Swiss Federal Archives

    The new online access of the Swiss Federal Archives makes it possible to use all services independent of time and place. Receive information, research, view documents, place digitisation orders and submit requests for inspection. Irrespective of whether a dossier is available in analogue or digital form in the archive, you will be able to consult it online.

    • Backend: ASP.NET, REST Services, RabbitMq, Elasticsearch
    • Frontend: Angular 7
    • Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • PP-Manager Baselland

    The task of the PP manager is to obtain an overall view of the planned and ongoing projects in the canton of Baselland. Originally intended for IT projects, the application is now being extended to other project types.

    The tool supports the management and evaluation of project data, as well as the processes associated with portfolio management.

    • Backend: ASP.NET, REST Services
    • Frontend: Angular 7
    • Database: MS SQL Server mit Row-Level Security.
  • Portfolio-Management Clariant

    Programming of an ASP.NET dashboard to visualize, control and manage internal projects. The project originally started in 2010 and was further developed and expanded over the coming years.

    During the development of the application, an agile approach was chosen deliberately in order to quickly receive feedback from the users and to adapt the application to the respective wishes and requirements of the users.

    • Backend: ASP.NET
    • Frontend: ASP.NET Ajax (Telerik) 
    • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Portal of electronic legal sources canton Zürich

    The eRQZH project publishes selected source texts from the Middle Ages and early modern period (up to 1798). The data for the units are curated in the databases of those archives in which the selected sources are stored. 

    The "Rechtsquellen Online" portal brings together the data that is processed decentrally and maintained there in a sustainable manner. The online publication enables access to the source texts independent of time and place, offers additional search functions compared to the registers of the book edition and includes digital reproductions of the original archives for about half of the source pieces. 

    • Backend: ASP.NET, XSLT, Lucene
    • Frontend: ASP.NET
    • Database: MS SQL Server
  • Archives-Online

    Archives-Online is a portal for searching archival material from participating archives.

    In contrast to other archive portals, the data of the participating archives is not brought together in a central database, but the search is sent via standardized interfaces to the connected archives and their results are displayed in the portal.

    This approach has the advantage that the data is always up-to-date and the demands on the infrastructure are very low.

    The results of the individual archives are collected by the backend service and sent via Signal-R to the calling client.

    • Backend: ASP.NET, REST Services, Signal-R
    • Frontend: ASP.NET MVC
    • Database: -
  • Planarchive – Office for civil engineering city of Zürich

    The office of civil engineering uses a classic client-server application to manage the plans. The database is maintained by only a few employees.

    To enable the office's staff to access the plans, a web application was created that enables them to search and access the plans directly via the browser.

    Employees can order copies of the plans via an order function. The electronic files are sent directly to an external service provider who prints paper copies of the plans.

    • Backend: ASP.NET
    • Frontend: ASP.NET MVC
    • Database: Oracle